CLEF 2023 Accepted Papers

Main Session

  • Supervised Machine-Generated Text Detectors: Family and Scale Matters. Areg Mikael Sarvazyan, José Ángel González, Marc Franco-Salvador and Paolo Rosso.
  • Trend Detection in Crime-related Time Series with Change Point Detection Methods. Apostolos Konstantinou, Despoina Chatzakou, Theodora Tsikrika, Stefanos Vrochidis and Ioannis Kompatsiaris.
  • Inception Models for Fashion Image Captioning: an Extensive Study on Multiple Datasets. Mirko Del Moro, Serban Cristian Tudosie, Francesco Vannoni, Andrea Galassi and Federico Ruggeri.
  • When sarcasm hurts: Irony-aware models for abusive language detection. Simona Frenda, Viviana Patti and Paolo Rosso.
  • The Best is yet to Come: A Reproducible Analysis of CLEF eHealth TAR Experiments. Giorgio Maria Di Nunzio and Federica Vezzani.
  • Graph-Enriched Biomedical Entity Representation Transformer. Andrey Sakhovskiy, Natalia Semenova, Artur Kadurin and Elena Tutubalina.
  • qCLEF: a Proposal to Evaluate Quantum Annealing for Information Retrieval and Recommender Systems. Andrea Pasin, Maurizio Ferrari Dacrema, Paolo Cremonesi and Nicola Ferro.
  • DAVI: a Dataset for Automatic Variant Interpretation. Francesca Longhin, Alessandro Guazzo, Enrico Longato, Nicola Ferro and Barbara Di Camillo.
  • Predicting Retrieval Performance Changes in Evolving Evaluation Environments. Alaa El-Ebshihy, Tobias Fink, Gabriela Nicole González Sáez, Florina Piroi, Petra Galuščáková, David Iommi, Lorraine Goeuriot and Philippe Mulhem.
  • Using authorship embeddings to understand writing style in social media. Javier Huertas Tato, Alejandro Martín and David Camacho.
  • Cem Mil Podcasts: A Spoken Portuguese Document Corpus For Multi-modal, Multi-lingual and Multi-Dialect Information Access Research. Ekaterina Garmash, Edgar Tanaka, Ann Clifton, Joana Correia, Sharmistha Jat, Rosie Jones, Jussi Karlgren and Winstead Zhu.

Best of Labs

  • Fight Against Misinformation on Social Media: Detecting Attention-Worthy and Harmful Tweets and Verifiable and Check-Worthy Claims. Ahmet Bahadır Eyuboğlu, Bahadir Altun, Mustafa Bora Arslan, Ekrem Sonmezer and Mucahid Kutlu.
  • Answer Retrieval for Math Questions using Structural and Dense Retrieval. Wei Zhong, Yuqing Xie and Jimmy Lin.
  • SimpleText Best of Labs in CLEF-2022: Simplify Text Generation with Prompt Engineering. Shih-Hung Wu and Hong-Yi Huang.
  • Touché 2022 Best of Labs: Neural Image Retrieval for Argumentation. Tobias Schreieder and Jan Braker.
  • Humour Translation with Transformers. Farhan Dhanani, Muhammad Rafi and Muhammad Atif Tahir.
  • Cross-lingual Candidate Retrieval and Re-ranking for Biomedical Entity Linking. Florian Borchert, Ignacio Llorca and Matthieu-P. Schapranow.
  • A Re-labeling Approach based on Approximate Nearest Neighbors for Identifying Gambling Disorders in Social Media. Hermenegildo Fabregat, Andres Duque, Lourdes Araujo and Juan Martinez-Romo.